Dr Vinod Kuberkar completed his Integrated M.Tech in biotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology at Delhi and PhD from the University of Colorado at Boulder, USA. He also has PGPX MBA from the Indian Institute of Management at Ahmedabad. In his professional career, Vinod has worked for Amgen (California), Baxter Healthcare (Maryland), and Sulzer Biologics (Colorado) in the US, and Wockhardt Biotech (Aurangabad) and Intas Biopharmaceuticals (Ahmedabad) in India. His diverse roles have spanned both technical and techno-commercial domains. Vinod left well-paid salaried career to pursue entrepreneurship by starting Western Range Biopharmaceuticals.


Dr. Archana Patkar has a Masters in Biotechnology from the Jammu University and PhD in Microbiology from the MS University of Baroda. Following her PhD, Archana worked as a Post-doctoral fellow at SBS, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. She has been working in the field of functional genomics and transcriptomics of infectious disease models and has tremendous experience in basic as well as advanced cell culture and molecular biology techniques. Her major area of interest is to develop novel therapies or drug targets against the human diseases.


Dr. Kedar Sharma joined the Western Range Biopharmaceuticals with interest in development of better diagnostics and treatment approaches for cancer patients. He did his Masters in Biotechnology from the SP University, Anand, and PhD from the MS University of Baroda. His doctoral research focused on cellular and molecular biology of brain glial cells under healthy and diseased conditions. Earlier, Kedar worked in the field of immunology as well as metabolic engineering of prokaryotes.