• Welcome to Western Range Biopharmaceuticals

    Western Range Biopharmaceuticals was formed to fulfil unmet medical needs of cancer patients in India. Through our discussions with medical oncologists, cancer patients, and their families indicate that there is a huge need in India for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.
  • Welcome to Western Range Biopharmaceuticals

    WRB plans to partner with medical community, patient groups, and scientists to fight cancer in India by creating awareness, screening, detection, and advanced therapy. WRB is a R&D-oriented company committed to bring the advanced therapeutics and diagnostics for cancer.

Cancer in India

In India, people in their prime and in the most productive group are killed by cancer. Cancer killed 5,56,400 people across the country in 2010. The 30-69 age group accounted for about 71% (3,95,400) of the deaths. In US, this age group contributes to only about 42% of total cancer deaths.

Our Technologies

We have developed a wide range of portfolio of technologies which can bring great benefits to the Indian cancer patients.
The first set of technologies is related to the cellular immunotherapies for the treatment of late-stage metastatic cancer patients.

About us

Western Range is led by Vinod Kuberkar, PhD, MBA. Vinod has managed numerous R&D projects from conceptualization to commercialization.