Our Technologies

We have developed a wide range of portfolio of technologies which can bring great benefits to the Indian cancer patients.  The first set of technologies is related to the cellular immunotherapies for the treatment of late-stage metastatic cancer patients.

The second technology (Personalized Chemo-Sensitivity) is useful for oncologists to identify the best possible drug combination for cancer patients.

The third technology (GvHD Reduction) is targeted towards cancer patients who need to undergo bone morrow transplantation (also called hematopoietic stem cell transplantation) as a part of treatment for leukaemia, but do not find identical match.  Our technology will allow for haplo-identical match.

The fourth technology is useful for the screening of Indian men and women for HPV infection, one of the major causes for cancers in both men and women.  The test is based on a blood sample and will provide clinically relevant information.